How Are You Coping?

Life is fickle don’t you think? Sometimes you could just get up in the morning and you don’t feel like doing much. But the thing you are not aware of is while you were up and are completely indecisive about what to do with your morning, somewhere, someone didn’t get the chance to wake up just as you did. 

Waking up every day is indeed a blessing and a curse. How are you? How is your heart? You don’t need to answer out loud that’s really a rhetorical question. I would appreciate of you could ponder on that for a second or two before you get up to do anything this morning.

Do you feel better today? Do you think you can get through another day? It would be really amazing if you could. You’re a fighter. You shouldn’t let yourself down. There is still so much that you have to offer this world that you cannot see.

Come on! You need to love yourself. You need to understand that you are worth so much more. Get up! Take a walk! Listen to some music you love! Have some food you really like for breakfast! Watch a tv show that makes you happy. Read the news today! 

Have a beautiful day!

Crystal S. Amon

Copyrighted 2022