Simple Energy Saving Ideas

By, Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon

If you’re anything like me, you are struggling just to pay your light bill this month as the energy price goes up during these hot months. After dealing with a car repair and other financial setbacks I began looking for ways to reduce my light bill immediately, as I can see what I spend with the local light company due to having prepaid lights. Recently, every other day, my lights are running abnormally high even though I barely use any lights. So, I began investigating ways to lower my costs immediately.

Living Comfortably Cheap

Thankfully, I am so stubborn and will not continue paying these high light bills, because I will find a way to keep my bill lower each day. Basically, I want to live comfortably, yet I am willing to buy fans instead of lowering the AC or turning the heat up in the winter. I can take off or put on clothes to reduce or change my body temperature. This morning, I raised my blinds and allowed the sunlight to lighten up my home while I was writing and cleaning today. Currently the summer is fading into fall, I am asking my landlord to fix all the drafty places and cutting down on washing clothes as well.

Everything Helps

I am going to remember to begin incorporating small changes everyday like unplugging things I am not using and using sunlight and lanterns. Yesterday, I asked my landlord to fix any places that my AC unit can escape from. Today, I am pricing fans and hopefully I can get all I need when I get paid. Another thing I started doing is turning off my computer and using a battery powered alarm clock and flameless candles instead of lights. Therefore, I can start setting a regular routine which will help me see the amount of money that I have saved each day with my simple ideas.

Share Your ideas Too

Do you have simple ideas that may help you save on your electricity or water bill? If so, please share and leave a comment. I am looking for more ideas that will help me save more money. Thank you for stopping by my page and please share.