Make Someone’s Day!

Mr. Perry and I Hanging Out

Do you have extra time on your hands during the day? Are you retired or just have a little bit of free time on your hands? Did you know you can brighten someone’s day, just by stopping by to visit with them. No matter what city you live in, you can meet different senior citizens that could use a friendly visit. They enjoy having a partner to play a game with or just a close friend to go for long walks with around the neighborhood. Visit local nursing homes and ask to be a volunteer, but be specific about the type of volunteering you would like to participate in.

Also, you can visit the elders from your church, local adult day care centers, or senior centers. Many senior citizens have to deal with failing health issues and they become what’s known as a shut-in. A friendly visit from you will make a person’s day, especially if you are their only visitor that day. Just seeing their smile when you come through their door is so heartwarming. Yet, satisfying because you know in your heart that you just made their day. They may need help cleaning up their home or preparing a meal for themselves.

Maybe you could read a book to them or treat them to movie date night. Sometimes, the seniors just want to go for a walk around the neighbor or get a ride to a local store. By volunteering and visiting whenever you can, you are making someone feel very special and loved by you. Take time to find out what your new friend enjoys doing and start making plans to hang out together. Become a volunteer and meet new friends that need you, instead of sitting at home and watching television. You will find that making someone feel special actually makes you feel special as well.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman
Copyrighted 2018


  1. If you can’t find volunteer opportunities, check with AARP to find volunteer opportunities with local seniors. I volunteer with AARP in Cincinnati. We work at local ministries, present programs on cybersafety and health, assist with social events for local seniors, and many other things.

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