Animal Lovers Needed Desperately

Are you an animal lover with a bleeding heart that loves to feed the neighborhood strays and helps find the strays a good loving home? If you enjoy working with household pets, you should volunteer at the vet’s office or at an animal shelter. Additionally, the pet rescuers need good foster homes and volunteers as well.

You may have to: clean out cages, feed them, bathe them, give medicine, take them for a walk, groom them, or play with them. If you are at home a lot, consider volunteering for a neighborhood vet and get to know the many different pets that need extra love. This is a rewarding way to spend your time throughout the day, instead of being bored at home. Like helping an animal shelter taking with a large bag of dog food and some old blankets.

You can volunteer to help the shelter for a few hours and you can go as often as you want to go. If you can’t volunteer, then consider becoming a foster family to a pet in need at the local shelter or at the local pet rescues. Sometimes they stay days and sometimes they can stay a lot longer due to problem finding a suitable home.

You can also open a small pet rescue and help save more dogs and cats from being euthanized or living in cage its whole life. Honestly, it is a big responsibility to care for a foster or pet rescue, but to save one animal is worth every moment you spend with them. Everyday, these places need someone to clean out the cat cages and dog cages, as well as give food and water to each animal.

The shelters need food donations, so ask your friends or your church group to help you raise up some donations through the community. Call your local animal shelter or pet rescue to see what kind of volunteer that they will need at this time. Spending time with each animal will give you immense joy and you will find yourself falling in love with each one.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman
Copyrighted, 2018