Start Keeping A Thoughts Journal


Do you have many rapid thoughts that are running through your head? Are you looking for a different way to express your thoughts or feelings? Then, this project may be what you have needed. First, you will need a large 3-ring notebook and a pack of regular notebook paper. You will also need a pen and subject dividers with tabs. After you have gathered everything, be sure to assemble the notebook with some paper and a divider.

Label the tabs with names from your immediate family and friends. Pick one person to think about and write down your thoughts about this person. Do you love them or are you mad at them? Write down any of the thoughts you have about the person, which you have chosen to think about. A thought journal will allow you to share positive or negative or thoughts that you have about that person.

This personal thought journal can be written in at anytime, especially when you need to express or vent your feelings. Fortunately, you don’t have to share this project with anyone. Therefore, you can write anything that comes to your mind. A thought journal will help you safely vent your thoughts and sort out your feelings that are occupying your mind.

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman
Copyrighted 2018