My Life is Changing Fast!

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

©Crystal S. Kauffman
©Crystal S. Kauffman

This week, I sent my mom to the hospital by ambulance for an infection in her urinary tract, which required her being hospitalized for a few days. Now, that my mom needs more care than I can provide, I am looking at having to place her in assisted type of living facility. She needs hands on care, which I am truly unable to do for her, due to my own health issues and my disability. The hardest thing I ever had to do in a long time was to find three lovely dogs a permanent home.

I love rescuing animals, but right now I cannot provide financial care that the dogs need and help my mother as well. I am working on getting my mother the consistent care that she will need in near future. So, I have lost my babies and may have to send my mom to a place for long term care. Please pray for me or send positive thoughts, as I make the necessary changes that are needed at this time. Once, I get my mom settled, I can focus on my on health issues.

©Crystal S. Kauffman
©Crystal S. Kauffman

Tonight, I feel sad but I will overcome this feeling and keep my head held high as I transition in to a new arrangement with my mother. Thank for your support and prayers during this difficult time.©Crystal S. Kauffman

©Crystal S. Kauffman

I will miss my babies, but I am glad they have good homes. Thank you to all the people, who have helped me during this heartbreaking transition. Thank you to the new pet parents as well! We are able to keep our 10 year old Pitt Bull mix, who is a great companion.

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