Confederate Battle Flag: Heritage or Racism?

confederate flagRecently, the controversy of the Confederate flag, has led to racial tension with many supporters on both sides. However, for many southerners this flag represents their forefather’s sacrifice. For some African-American’s it symbolizes their ancestor’s fight to end slavery and become free Americans. However, for many southerners, the flag has become a part of their family’s heritage. Many southerner’s proudly display the Confederate flag, as a symbol of heritage not hate.

Over the years, the controversy has boiled and caused most southern states to remove the flag. America’s colorful history should never be forgotten, since it represents a time when two nations couldn’t agree. So, many people do not see the Confederate Battle Flag, as a part of the south’s changing heritage. The flag was called the “Southern Cross” or “the cross of St. Andrew” (Brunner, 2007) and has been a proud symbol of the south’s heritage. During previous centuries the flag has been flown, next to the American flag and their state flag.

However, some say it is a “shameful reminder of slavery or segregation” (Brunner, 2007), for many African-Americans. According to the Southern Poverty of Law Center, many hate groups have begun using this flag to represent hate. But, not all southerners see the flag as a symbol of hate. Instead, they see it as a part of their heritage their ancestors died for. Whether it is wrong or right, we should never forget the men that died fighting for a cause they believed in. However, we shouldn’t allow hate groups to use this flag to further their own hate and prejudice.

For years, the civil war raged on and at the end of the struggle, we all became one nation of Americans. Do you know if one or more of your ancestors fought in the civil war? What side do you think they fought on? Would you be proud of them or embarrassed by their choice? Did you know that there were many African-American’s, who proudly fought alongside of the Confederate troops?

The Confederate flag should fly for those, who died in the belief that they were trying to make America better. But, out of the ashes of the civil war, America became one nation under God. Furthermore, as Americans, we should be proud of our history and learn from it, as we grow. In the 21st century, the Confederate Battle Flag shouldn’t be discriminated against, because of the behavior of extremist. Therefore, we should not blame the flag for its misuse, because the flag is not the enemy.


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Retrieved of the World Wide Web on August 25, 2007


  1. My guess is that you mean the 21st century? I’m glad that you found, at least one source, but it seems you have committed much. The battle flag was never an official flag but was was the battle flag of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. It never flew in any official context. It attained much more prominence in 1940. Here’s another source for your consideration –

    • Actually, I wrote that article for college in 2007 I think for an assignment that required using that link. I am considering doing another, but at that time I wasn’t as detailed as I am now. I have looked at that link and I didn’t know many of those things. Thanks for reading, and thanks for always educating me. Hugs, Happy!

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