The Cross & The Switchblade…A Life Changing Book.

Cross and switchblade

I began reading this book after The Springs Church gave it to me in a visitor’s package. I couldn’t put the book down, because the subject of the story was so appealing to me. The book discusses how David Wilkerson and others took time out of their lives to help teenage gang members. First, he traveled back and forth, but God led him to stay in New York.

This meant he basically began working the different gangs and was even received death threats from gang member. In order to reach these struggling teenagers, he used love and compassion. He trusted that God would provide what they needed from food to lodging.

Soon, he found a house, which after a lot of work,  it became known as the Teen Center. He helped those teens who wanted to turn their life around like: homeless teens, drug addicts, gang members, and teen prostitutes.

You will love reading this book and watching how the power of God works in mysterious ways. This book is emotionally powerful. I hope you will get your own copy to read, because this book is a top 10 on my list.

David wilkerson

Meet David Wilkerson who went home to be with the Lord  in 2011. His achievements will always be remembered by those lives he touched throughout his ministry.