I Am Watching You Mom and Dad

ferguson kids

I am watching you tear our city apart,

While, I pray for God to heal my broken heart.

Stop…You are burning down our favorite places to eat,

However, the news calls it “Protesting in the Streets.”

Fighting with police officers and destroying our town,

Will it find any justice for this “boy” named Michael Brown?

You told me that you are protesting to be treated fair,

Now, I see that you committing crimes against our town out there.

How can you call this a peaceful protest with all the violence today?

I am watching everyone, make extremely bad choices all along the way.

© 2014, Crystal S. Kauffman

PS: I support the fight for Civil Rights, but I do not support violence and criminal behavior. I decided to write a poem in the perspective seen by children, who are watching this happen all around them. Some are to young to understand what is happening and are being drug out to these protests. I have seen pictures in the media of young children on adults shoulders. while other adults are in heated exchanges with police officers. I think children should be at home with a sitter, if the parent wants to be part of the protest.