Another Must Read: JIGSAW: The Case of the Psychic Seductress

This is a must read book.
This is a must read book.

Another must read for my fans. You will love this book and it is available on Kindle. Click the picture to review buy the book! Also, check out her other books!



A down-on-his-luck private detective, with a penchant for fast women and hard liquor, Lester T. Hayes falls head over heels for the sultry self-proclaimed psychic, Samantha Chandler, the moment he sees her sashaying into his office in downtown Macon, Georgia. She desperately needs his help and is willing to pay handsomely for his services. Lester takes on the case but soon finds himself in a battle of wits with Samantha’s real-estate tycoon father and a ruthless Gulf Coast mobster. Lester also finds himself in a high-stakes poker game, winner take all, and racing against time to stop a murder before it can happen.

Written by,

Author Carol Culver Rzadkiewiczcarol culver R




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