Donate Books for Cancer Patients


My favorite reference book when writing my mystery novels.
My favorite reference book when writing my mystery novels.


Do you have different books lying around your house, which are in good condition that you would like to give away? Currently, the Laugh at Cancer Support Community is collecting gently used books for our gift bags that we will be giving out in December 2014. These books will be given to men and women, so we ask that you send all types of books like action-adventure or romance. Due to the clinic we are working with requests, no self-help books or books about fighting cancer.

These books are meant to get the readers mind off of the treatment, while allowing their imagination to run wild. We will also need all kind of bookmarks with positive quotes, whether store bought or handmade. Additionally, we would like for our gift bags to have Bibles in them for each patient and some witnessing booklets. Maybe, a church or company can help us make this happen, but for now it is in God’s hands.

I pray that we can cheer up some patients this upcoming Christmas season. Just a quick reminder, that the yearly “Wings of Hope Project” has been changed, from three times a year to two times a year. We will have a giveaway around April 15th and December 15th of each year, because this makes it easier to collect the gift donations we need, in order to make our “New Patient Packages”. We will be working on collecting 50 bags that will be given to men and women, who have been newly diagnosed.

This way they know that there is a network of people out here that cares about what they are going through. If you can help us gather the items we need, please contact me by email ( and I will give you the information you need like an address and phone number. Thank you for taking the time to think of others, who are fighting for their livesand remember to say a prayer for them.


  1. This is such a fabulous idea! I have a tonne of books that are in great condition, but I don’t have a tonne of money, so shipping fees could be a problem. What country are you in?

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