Touched by Cancer Again


ImageI want to tell you about my beloved Uncle Chris, who is the only uncle that I have ever known throughout my life. He helped take care of me and my twin brother Thomas, as we grew into young children. To me, he is and always will be my favorite person, to hang out with and talk too. He used to be a local racecar driver, even though he lost his left leg at fifteen due to a drunk driver.


As an adult, he has taught me many things, which I will remember for the rest of my life and I will pass on to my children. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago, he went to the emergency room because he couldn’t breathe. After several tests, the doctor found several masses on his lungs and the doctor informed him that it may be cancer.


After getting out of the hospital, he was able to get into a clinic that has helped him to locate the resources that he needed to get the treatment he needed. However, he went back to the hospital and went to the emergency room because he couldn’t breathe again. This time they kept him as a patient and he had some biopsies done, which came back stating that he has stage 4 lung cancer.


He will start chemotherapy tomorrow, but the long-term outlook is not good and we have no idea how long we will have with him. So, I am making the most out of the time I have with him and making as many memories as I can. Additionally, I am asking all who read my blogs to please pray for him, his family, friends, and my family.


Honestly, I love him so much and I am asking God to heal him, in whatever way he feels is necessary. His mother and father (my grandparents) have already passed away and are in heaven. They will both be there to welcome him with open arms, once his journey on this earth is done and God calls him home.  



His mother and father