Freelance Authors: Tips for Testing and Creating a Story Idea

Image Are you looking for ways to test an idea that you have for a story? Then, look no further than the internet, since there are many writing communities that can join. Once, you sign up, you can submit your idea or story and receive feedback on your work. Many writing communities offer a way to talk with other aspiring writers, who can help you form the idea. Some of these websites also offer tips and advice that can help strengthen your writing skills.

   If you don’t have a computer or internet access, then try discussing your idea with people that you have met at work or in the community. This way, you can count on an honest opinion from them and add their advice…if needed. Never ask your family or friends, since they are bias and will not give you a neutral opinion. Therefore, look for people that are in the age group that you plan to write for and ask them about their opinion.

     Also, you can visit a local library for more information about the local writing groups that has been formed in your area. Most of these writing groups will offer you a chance to meet other aspiring authors. Plus, you can have the members review your idea or a story, in order to give you an honest opinion about your work. So, you can adjust your idea and story as needed, in order to make the idea better.

      There are many ways that you can test your story idea from people, who you talk to everyday or by joining a group of writers. Either way, you are bound to get some great tips and advice to use, while putting your story together. Another way, to truly test your idea, is to write and submit it to magazines and other available markets. Plus, you can also submit your completed story to a contest, besides the results may surprise you.        

        Always look for ideas that can capture your interest and your heart. Keep little notebook with you at all times and jot down the ideas that come to you.  Many writer’s gather their story ideas from many aspects of their own life. Some writers even write about their loved ones struggles and accomplishments, in order to help others to overcome their problems. No matter where you visit, you will find story ideas lurking around every corner.

   Some authors will choose to write a story that is based on a real life and others will use their imagination to create a timeless story.  The internet is a great research tool, which can allow you to find an endless supply of story ideas. You can also, use the internet to research the facts or to assist in creating the right setting. Every writer knows that the setting of the story is just as important as the storyline.  

     Also, you can gather story ideas from the newspaper or television, but you will need to give it a fresh and unique slant. For example, you may see an article about inadequate healthcare, for the poor or underinsured.  Then, you can create a character that is struggling to pay for their healthcare, while trying to overcome their illness. However, you may want a different character, who finds a way to help others in their local community.

     Sometimes, an author can find website that have these neat generators that can help an author come up with story ideas. However, other authors use these websites too, so give your story idea a unique twist. There are many other websites that authors can use to help develop their story into a timeless classic. Therefore, you can create characters and storyline, which come alive as the reader turns each page.