Are You A Book Junkie?

HP_1As a book junkie, I enjoy listening to my favorite books at This is a great audio book website, which allows you to buy and manage audio books that you may find for a reasonable price. I have been a non-paid member for five years now and I was a paid member for a year. I enjoyed getting my favorite book each month for $14.95 or 1 credit. For this price, you can find great audio book and listen to them on your computer or tablet.

Additionally, you can use your smart phone to listen to the newest audio books. You can even listen to your books, whether you are a paid member or not. I just recently signed up again as a paid member and began listening to a new book that I have wanted to read for a long time. Right now, they have a special that will allow you to get a free book and pay your first payment 30 days later. So, if your book junkie like me, take a moment to check out this neat website.