Blanket of Hope Project 2013


Blankets of Hope 2013

By Crystal S. Kauffman

This Christmas, help me spread the joy of Christmas cheer to the patients in local nursing, which has many patients. Some patients have no family and would enjoy receiving the small gifts from someone. There are many ways you can help like you can donate signed Christmas cards, small gifts and/or, throw blankets. Items must be donated by Dec. 20, 2013, in order for the nursing home to get them before Christmas Day

Throw Blankets

The blankets are desperately needed, because the patients tend to get the chills and a fleece throw blanket would be perfect on warming the up. The must be a typical sized throw blanket, so it is easy for the patient to carry with them. The blanket will represent all of the people out here thinking about them during the holidays. Please feel free to email me for my address.

Christmas Cards

The Christmas cards should be signed with your family’s name or you may allow everyone to sign it. Children can make homemade cards or they can draw pictures. I am hoping to get enough things to give out to each patient there. Additionally, write Patient on the front and Christmas on the back of the envelope. These cards seem to brighten the patient’s day and are generally inexpensive, since money is tight in this economy.

Small Gifts

The patients love getting small gifts like figurines of any kind. I usually go to the dollar store and get some from there for cheap, but this year I cannot afford to buy them myself. So, if you would like to volunteer and help me gather up some cute small figurines like angels. Most patients love getting an angel for Christmas with a card and a blanket. This shows that there are people out in the world who do care about them, even if they have no family coming to see them.


You can help by donating any of these items. Patients will be thrilled and feel blessed to receive anything that you can donate. Without the kind donations of others helping, the nursing home cannot possibly give something to all of the patients. Let’s make a difference together by bringing a little love and cheer.

Collecting Donations

Currently, we have until Dec. 20th, 2013, in order to collect the donations needed to make this a day that the patients will remember. Please consider helping me bring a little joy into the life of each patient that will receive the gifts on Christmas 2013. This Christmas can be brighter and full of hope, by giving the patient something special that they can use every day.

Care Packages

Other ways you can help is gathering up shoe boxes wrapped and marked male or female. These shoe boxes should be full of personal stuff like deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, powder, shaving supplies, brush or comb, body lotion, perfume or cologne, or other items they may need. If you can help, please contact me by email for more information about this project.

Contact Me for Address

The Laugh at Cancer Support Community is sponsoring this project, but we are not a non-profit. We just care about those who are stuck in a nursing home or hospital during Christmas time and would like the patients to know someone does care. Thank you to all who will be taking the time help with this Blankets of Hope project. Together we can make a difference!

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