My Grandma’s Disguise…


I want to honor her with this poem today,

Since, she loved me in her own special way.

She didn’t receive an award for taking care of us,

However, she never complained or made a fuss.

Never did she get angry or begin to swear,

Whenever, I need her, she was always there.

Because, she never once asked to be free,

My grandma will always be precious to me.

For I counted on her, more than a grandchild should,

But, she never walked away, even though she could.

My grandma is a woman that is simple and true,

Her advice was helpful and needed as I grew.

We have a special bond that can’t be erased,

Yet, she always excelled throughout all she faced.

No one can take away that bond we made,

For our bond is strong and will not fade.

As a grandma, she did her part to help me fly,

Now, one day I will have to say good-bye.

Before she does, I want to tell her one thing,

I know she is an angel, who has golden wings.


  1. You’r Grandma is so special person to me as well . She was always there for us when we we’r kids . I love her so much she’s my Granny 2!!! I am here to help you through this Crystal…She such a beautiful person inside and out i love her to the moon & back….here for you ….love you…

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