Origins of Flag Day-June 14th


June 14th is Flag Day.
June 14th is Flag Day.

What is it?

The Flag of the United States was first created in September 11, 1777, but the committee first discussed designing the flag in June 14, 1777. The Battle of Brandywine was the first battle where soldiers carried the new flag into a battle. According to the U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs (2009), President Woodrow Wilson declared that June 14th as the official Flag Day. Yet, it wasn’t until President Truman and Congress acted to make it an official holiday in 1949.

Why is Important?

However, today Old Glory is forgotten by so many Americans and many families have no idea that this holiday exists. Additionally, this day celebrates the immigrants, who have become new Americans who value our way of life. It is vital to celebrate the day which intertwined with America’s history and growth. As Americans, we should remember the sacrifices made by our ancestors, in order to build a new colony for those who wanted to live free.

Why Celebrate It?

Today, the U.S. flag is a reminder of those, who gave up all they had to start a new world where freedom is a right of all. In addition, it represents those who have died, in order to achieve  the freedom that most take for granted. However, during this holiday, take a moment to think of those men and women, who are still fighting for our freedom. Remember the moment in history that America, adopted Old Glory as the official flag of our nations.

How to Observe It?

Some families will display the flag in their front yard to show their dedication to our country and its history. Inviting families to come together and have a barbeque, while educating others about the holiday that is mostly forgotten. A night of fireworks and education will teach others about the history of our flag and how it is was born. Also, every community should get involved with celebrating this holiday.


Flag Day celebrations could educate others about this important day in American history, which made us a nation. Unfortunately, many families has forgotten about this holiday over the years, so it is time to remind them why Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th of every year. In addition, set aside this day to remind all families what Old Glory stands for. Therefore, every   American should observe and celebrate this major holiday with pride.



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