The Greatest Man I Ever Knew…My Grandpa!

My Grandpa, who is the angel on my shoulder.
My Grandpa, who is the angel on my shoulder.

Without you, I am not sure where I would be,
Grandpa, you are the reason that I became me.
The guidance you have shown me through the years,
Helped me chase my dreams and forget my fears.

You never turned me away or told me good-bye,
With you beside me, I gained the courage to fly.
Now, I can share your story and continue to tell,
My children about the man I knew very well.

Time did not stop, when I learned you were gone,
I will hold my tears back and learn to carry on.
Allow him to forgive my troubles and strife,
Let me find a way, to honor him with my life.

Will I see you again, when my journey is through?
Until then, I will cherish my memories of you.
Grandpa, thanks for allowing to shine so bright,
Watch over me, and sleep with the angels tonight.


mepapagrannygiftRemembering My Grandfather

Thinking to when I was a little girl,
His words were my world.
Little girl wrapped like a gift,
Is closing her eyes and making a wish.
Lord allow him to stay,
In my life every day.
Words hurt sometimes when he spoke,
My heart he never broke.
Always working till he bled,
To make sure his family is fed.
He went without just to make sure,
His family was safe and secure.
When he flies away to his home in the sky,
Hope he won’t see his granddaughter cry.
Tears will fall the day he passes away,
He will be the angel, who is watching me play.


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