More Information about the Teenaged Baby Killers

Suspect identified as the shooter by the injured and grieving mother.
Suspect identified as the shooter by the injured and grieving mother.

Brunswick, GA- March 28, 2013– Teenaged killers Dominique Lang (15-year-old) and De’Marquise Elkins (17-year-old shooter), who killed a sleeping 13-month-old toddler after shooting and injuring the baby’s mother during a robbery attempt. According to CBS News (2013), there are questions about Sherry West, the injured mother and her ability to identify the suspect accurately or possibly being involved. However, the mother denies this accusation and the police say this was a random act of violence.

Additionally, Elkins is also being charged with a previous robbery attempt and shooting that was unrelated. Apparently, the aunt led the police to the possible murder weapon. However, the police are waiting on the lab tests to come back to positively identify this weapon as the one who killed the toddler. Elkin’s mother and aunt were arrested for lying police about Elkin’s whereabouts on March 21, 2013. Both teens will face malicious murder charges, as well as other charges.

However, the suspects are considered to be too young for the death penalty, but they were not too young to murder Antonio Santiago while his helpless and injured mother watched the nightmare unfold. These teenagers are believed to have committed a hate crime not a botched robbery. Some people believe that the teens were following orders given by the “Black Panther Party’s Philadelphia leader”.  In 2010, he was accused of voter intimidation and telling his followers to “kill some crackers and their babies”.

However, according to (2010) the Department of Justice and Obama administration refused to prosecute him. Furthermore, according to America’s Watch Tower (2012), the Black Panther leader, Minister King Samir Shabazz (aka) Maurice Heath discussed building a military that will skin white people. Honestly, I do not know why these teenage cold-bloodily killed this angelic little boy, after injuring his mother twice.

However, I do know that if Elkin’s is old enough to carry a gun and shoot people who don’t give them money or kill a little toddler. Then, I believe he is definitely old enough to face the death penalty, but the court stated that they were too young. The baby they killed will never be able to grow up and the mother will always relive this nightmare for the rest of her life. Nevertheless, Elkins deserves a harsh punishment and no mercy from the court, since he showed no mercy whey he killed the sleeping toddler.


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