Should Cell Phone Use Be Banned While Driving?

Don't kill yourself or someone else for a simple text or call.
Don’t kill yourself or someone else for a simple text or call.

Cell-phones are a convenience for most Americans; however, they have become a deadly distraction. Many states have initiated laws against using the cell-phone, while driving an automobile. Researchers have found that cell-phone users are becoming distracted and getting into deadly accidents. Most cell-phone companies are trying to accommodate the cell-phone user, in order to help them obey the laws.

In 2002, “one in four drivers” (Royal, 2003; pg.1, 6) admitted to using or answering the phone, while driving a motor vehicle.

All new cell-phones have a hands-free kit or Bluetooth adapter, which allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel while making or receiving a call. Some cars have Bluetooth capability for hands free talking, but this is not a solution to this deadly problem. Talking or texting will impair your judgment and distract you from the traffic around you. One mistake can cost your life or someone else’s life, so drivers are urged to pull over to talk or text on their cell-phones.

According to Mr. Sundeen (2006), a driver’s judgment can be affected by texting or talking on a cell-phone, just as alcohol can impair your judgment. Recently, a 12-year-old

“Beyond the numbers, the cell phone’s complexity and potential for distracting the user’s brain also has made it a target for potential regulation.” (Sundeen, 2006; pg.2, 3)

Currently, several state law makers are asking drivers to hang up and drive, in order to save the driver’s or passenger’s life. as well as the other drivers on the road or highway. Therefore, the next time the phone rings or a text message comes through, pull over and answer it instead of trying to drive and talk. Some drivers can wait, until they are parked to call a person back. This way, the person driving will not be distracted or looking at the cell-phone, which can save a pedestrian or another driver’s life. Driving requires someone’s full attention and quick reflexes, since there are many obstacles on the road like animals and people. Many drivers are texting or answering cell-phones while driving on the nation’s roads, which puts all of America’s drivers in danger.

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