The Story of James Bulger: Britian’s Little Angel

James Bulgar
Beautiful Angel Murdered

Who is James Bugler?

I had never heard about this little angel, until the other day when I was on where I found his horrific story. I cried when I heard about what happened to this little boy, who I never knew about until now. James Bulger was a typical two-year-old that is curious about the world around him. His mother’s name is Denise Bulger and. She was married to Ralph Bulger and they have other children together. They are divorced now and dealing with their tragic loss in their own unique way, but they share children together.

James wanders off

She took James shopping inside the Bootle Strand Shopping Center near Liverpool, England. James was at a butcher shop with his mother, but curiosity kicked in a James walked away from his mom. She was paying the clerk, which is when James Bulger went missing. She didn’t realize that he had walked off and the police thought he was lost or trapped somewhere. The police immediately got involved and began searching for the young boy all over the shopping center, as well other places.

James followed his own killers

James met his own killers, just outside of the butcher shop where his mom was paying the clerk. James Bulger went missing on Feb. 12. 1993 and the store’s security camera video show James walking with two young boys. At one point, he was holding the hand of one of his killer’s, which turned out to be Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. Both killers is ten-years-old and they took James for a long torturous walk for about four miles.

Witnesses that the boys manipulated

They could have abandoned him or give James to the many adults who seen them on their aimless walk. Some adult’s asked if the children needed any help, because James was crying for his mom and had marks on him. The boys lied and said that the child was lost and they were taking him to his mother. Yet, they told someone else that he was one of the boys little brother. The three boys continued walking with James and continued to torture the young boy who couldn’t defend himself.

Valentines’ day tears
The three boys finally reached the railroad where the two boys murdered James, by beating him in the head with rocks and an iron pipe. When the boys thought he was dead they decided to cover up his head with bricks. His body was found on Feb 14th 1993 and the toddler had been split in half by the train that hit him. The boys were hoping it would look like an accident caused by the train, but the autopsy proved he had been murdered.

Killers caught by police

The boys were arrested and interrogated by police, until they each finally broke down and admitted to killing James Bulger. However, they blamed it on each other, instead of admitting their individual actions in the crime. These two ten-year-old murderers were tried in court and both received fifteen years, but they only served eight years. The two young adults were given new identities and no one is allowed to photograph them or reveal where they live now.

Life without James

James’ parents had more children together, but they have now divorced and Denise is remarried now with Fergus as a last name. She has three children, but still misses James everyday and harbors hate for the young killers. James mother is trying to create a charity in his name, but the father is stressed and depressed over his loss. Please continue to pray for this family, as they continue struggling with the emotions that will come as they mourn for James.