Embrace Your Second Chance

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second chance

Written By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Everyone makes mistakes in life, especially when you are living with an  active addiction of any kind. One misstep or bad choice will cause you to  feel worthless to everyone around you.

This is the exact time when you will need to embrace the friends and family member’s who love and support you.

Reach out to these faithful loved ones and be truthful about how your life is becoming unmanageable and messy due to your drug or drink of choice.

Additionally, you will need to seek out your God or your higher power, since you will be entering recovery for drugs or alcohol which is terrifying at first. These courageous first steps will allow you a second chance to build the life you truly want.

Start by getting professional help for the mental health issues and your addictions. You may learn that you are actually self- medicating due to an unaddressed anxiety issue or a serious depression problem. Honestly, you  even find the strength to begin a new journey in recovery.

Next, find a local Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous group to free become a member of in your community. There are many different types of recovery groups on Facebook, as well as recovery websites with their own private online support communities.

Be truthful about needing help with an active addiction and any mental issues you may be facing. Chase recovery everyday and soon you’ll be able to hold your head up with joy surrounding your heart.

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This is Personal, Please Read and Pray…Maybe Help?

Crystal S. Kauffman

Danny and Michelle #2 years

To All My Friends,

I need my friends and prayer warriors to help me lift up my spiritual mentor aka “Preacherman” Rev. Danny Williams Sr. and his Wife “Mama” Michelle Williams in continuous prayer. Both Danny and Michelle were admitted to the hospital for serious medical issues and are both having appropriate test ran to find out the cause of their medical issues. Danny Williams is the Pastor of Peytona Southern Baptist Church in West Virginia.

I have known this man and his wife since I was a child and he attended the same church I did. He also worked with my momma in a steel mill and they were all really good friends. Thanks to the power of Facebook we reconnected, which led to many wonderful changes in my life. I am proud to call this man my spiritual mentor, but right now Danny and his wife need help in a big way with prayers for each of their health and a they need a financial miracle as well.

Due to Danny’s health, he cannot work until the doctor releases him and he is the only income the family has. So, if you can also pray for a financial miracle for this beautiful loving family that’s been together for 32 years now and this separation is hard on both of them. Mama Michelle is very sick with lung disease and has been on oxygen for ten years now. The family is in need of financial help with medications and food, as well is any past due bills that won’t wait.

I am asking everyone to pray for this couple, but I am also asking for anyone who may want to give a love offering of any amount, which will help this loving family during this health crisis that they are facing this morning and in the near future. You may contact Reverend Danny Williams Personally by Cell Phone or Email that is included at the bottom of this post. The church address is provided, if you would like to mail in a card and/or your love offering to the family.

Please consider helping this family as they have helped so many through the years like my family and I during my childhood. I am proud to call Danny my spiritual advisor, as he has helped me slay some pretty big demons in my own life. Even if you cannot help, please share this post and stop and say a pray or send healing energies to my closest friends.

Thank in advance for any help you may offer and thank you for taking the time to read my plea during your busy day! Thank you also from Rev. Danny And his wife Michelle and their family


The Church’s Address:

Rev. Danny Williams Sr. (Love Offering)


Peytona Southern Baptist Church

168 Ferrell

 Julian, WV, 25529


To Make a Love Offering Directly to Rev. Danny Williams Sr.:

Danny’s Contact # (304) 941 4930

Email is #revdan90@yahoo.com


To Send a Love Offering via PayPal:

Michelle Williams: michellepzbiz@yahoo.com

danny and michelle at church

Thoughts About Life Suckers

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life suckers

Sometimes, your life can become so overwhelming at times that your chest walls are squeezing so hard like you are in Cardiac Arrest. Next, your breathing will become labored and you may have experienced issues with just trying to catch your breath. Don’t freak out, because it is not an emergency with your physical health but it is a medical condition that will require your immediate attention. You have entered into a full-blown panic attack, which is actually a symptom of a medical condition that is known as Anxiety.  

At this point, it is time to call a psychiatrist and begin evaluating your daily life, as well as identifying the life suckers that are in your daily life. The term life suckers refer to the people in your daily life that excessively needy. These people can literally drain years off your life, due to the extreme amount of stress or drama that this type of person brings into your life. Now, you must step back from everything in your daily circle and pinpoint the life sucker that is draining your life force. 

I bet your thinking to yourself that you have several people in your life, who are extremely needy that they actually suffocate you as a person. The person sucks the joy, peace, hope, and happiness out of your life by making your life miserable. This type of person feeds off the negative energy that they create in your life, by their bad behavior or their negative attitude. They lack respect for your life and mental health because life suckers don’t care about anyone but themselves. 

Just breathe…No matter what! Keep your head held high and limit this person or persons interaction with you. The negative impact on your lifeforce can cause you to lose your peace of mind or it can actually kill you. Stress will make you physically and mentally sick because it causes major damage inside of your body, which is why life suckers can become deadly to you. Therefore, take inventory of the people in your life and figure out what caused you to experience a panic attack. 

Copyrighted by, Crystal S. Kauffman, 2018 

My Blood Clot Story

Crystal S. Kauffman

By, Crystal S. Kauffman, Staff Writer

Recently, I dealt with a cramping pain and swelling in my right leg, due to a DVT blood clot or Deep Vein Thrombosis. I was diagnosed with a blood clot on July 09, 2016, after a four day stay at the hospital for other reasons. I am not sure why I have DVT blood clot or how I developed it. However, I had a Doppler Study or Ultrasound performed, which showed that I did have a blood clot in my right leg. I was discharged from the hospital, but my right leg hurt and it was swelling.

So, I returned to the Emergency Room immediately and I was given Xarelto after the diagnosis was made. I have to take the anti-coagulant for about six months and hope I don’t get another blood clot. I stayed four days in the hospital for a severe UTI that turned to septic infection. Furthermore, I finally received some answers that I have needed for a long time on my chronic abdominal pain and painful flare ups. Thankfully, I learned that I have inflammation in my colon or colitis and I had a colonoscopy which will help give me more answer on my follow up appointment.

I met a new doctor who performed my colonoscopy, while I was in the hospital. I will see him on August 5th, in order to get the results of my procedure and discuss my future options. I am relieved to know the pain was not in my head and finally having a reason has helped calm down my anxiety. I am praying for a resolution for the blood clot and I am praying that I have some answers, as to why my stomach pain flares up from time to time.

I am returning to writing, after a three-month absence from writing and being online. I hope you will look for my new work and check out some of my old work as well. I want to start a healthy discussion about living with DVT blood clots. I hope you will take the time to tell me your story about living with DVT blood clots and how you’re doing now. My goal is to educate, because I had no idea that I had a blood clot until I went back to the Emergency Room.

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day!

Crystal K.