My Published Books

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My Published Books

This is a picture of the 3 books that I have available to be purchase. I have a poetry book, children’s short stories, and I have a novella about a christian teenage girl overcoming school violence. Buy your copy today.

Our Vacation Last Month

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Our Vacation Last Month

My husband and I after swimming in Lake Lindsey Grace in Screven, Ga. We had a wonderful time together and hanging out with my special friends from church. We spent time swimming together and my husband helped our friend fix stuff at her house. Additionally, we went out to eat and enjoyed the company of my husband, as well as spending time with my friends.

Unfortunately, we had no city luxuries like internet, television, or cell-phone signal. I missed being connected with my friends through Facebook and Twitter, but I loved the peace and quiet I discovered during our vacation. We both felt so relaxed when we arrived home, so we are planning another vacation to this area.

I am so thankful that my friend took us on the trip with her, because my husband a I have never really had a vacation together or with friends. I am hoping to go in a few weeks, so I can spend more quality time with my husband and my children. Have a wonderful night my friends. I hope you enjoy my vacation picture.

Blankets Of Hope Project


Blankets Of Hope Project

Dear Friends,
Its not to early to start collecting a donating blankets or small gifts, as well as Christmas cards. We will need 120 gifts for the nursing home patients that we have chosen to help this year. Please help us bring a little Christmas joy into the lives of patients who do not get many visitors. Have a wonderful week! Getting started early will help us obtain our goal.

Email me for my address:

Wings of Hope Project


Wings of Hope Project

I am collecting about 20 packages of blank cards with ten cards in it. I will be writing “Thinking of You” inside the card. I will be visiting a local nursing home two times a year to give out the cards. Every year, the Laugh at cancer Support community staff and I will be picking a new nursing home to visit. This will allow us to cheer up patients, who generally don’t get visitors or cards.


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