Protecting My Self

Crystal S. Kauffman

So recently, I purchased a 22 long rifle hand gun for protection due my type of work. As a Lyft and Uber Driver, as well as delivering for Uber Eats. Unfortunately, this job has me dealt mg with shady people and scary neighborhoods. After talking with my boyfriend, I decided to start working towards getting a concealed weapons permit.

  • Dragons protect themselves
  • Dragons don’t use drugs
  • Dragons have a Right to Bear Arms
  • Dragons do everything legally
  • Dragons read your states laws
  • Dragons be responsible gun owners

I do plan to join a shooting range once I locate one near me and my leg is healed properly. My choice will be to take self defense classes, as well as more training classes to ensure I am properly trained. As I wait on my concealed weapons permit, I am trying to watch and learn all I call about my own gun and others that have caught my eye like a 9 mm or revolver.

Once, I get as much training with the gun as possible. I plan to sign up to become a security guard, especially one that will work with my disability. Thankfully, I am working on becoming even stronger, as I rehabilitate my leg using my new treadmill as I train in self defense. I also have my knife and pepper gel, as well as two solid fists that I not afraid to use.

With all this said, I do pray that I never once have to use any means of self-defense. In class I learned all about the nightmare waiting for me when I do shoot “smudlap” for try to kill or harm me. Trust me when I say that the last thing I want is to deal with “smudlaps” drama in court due to his desire bad things to me. So, I am going to b@.cautious and avoid all the “smudlaps, if I can help it!

Have a nice day, my fellow Dragons…

Protect yourself now, because it’s your life!!!!

Written by, Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon

Copyrighted June 2021

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