Laugh at Cancer Support Community

Image Copyrighted to Crystal S. Kauffman & Lyn Lomasi-Rowell, 2019
The Laugh at Cancer Support Community has been rebuilt on a Facebook Page.

Have you been touched by any type of cancer, whether directly or indirectly as an adult or child? Are you a pet parent that felt cancer’s touch when your beloved pet was diagnosed? Find out how you can always find ways to laugh and be positive, while learning how to cope with cancer’s touch in your own life.

Learn more about the Laugh at Cancer Support Community which is now offering friendly support chat on Facebook Messenger. Feel free to join us and chat with us on our Facebook Page and Support Community, in order to find friendship or inspiration in the support community’s Facebook Page.

Message Princess Crystal, if you need to talk to someone anytime or if you would like to help us as volunteer in our support community.

The founder is hoping to build a support network for members who may need one-on-one support chat or an online peer support group with fellow patients that need someone to listen while they vent. Even family members or pet parents may need to talk with someone as well. Come help us make a change, while promoting positive and inspirational stories about coping with cancer’s devastating touch.


Our mission is to spread joy and smiles, until our members learn to laugh again. LACSC will be posting tips for a healthy diet, inspirational quotes, tips on self-care, prayer, and so much more as we grow.

Donations Needed: We are in need of small inspirational gifts, blankets, inspirational greeting cards, gift bags to pass out during our local “Day of Hope” Event.

We pick one local clinic and give the gift bags to the head nurse, so join us in blessing patients that are in treatment on Dec. 31 of each year. However,the founder hopes that the concept of our projects will spread to our members. Maybe, they will do one of our projects in their own city or hometown.

Help us spread joy and smiles, until our members learn to learn to laugh again after cancer’s devastating touch.

Come Lean on Our Wings of Hope!

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Learn about our projects:

Day of Hope Project

Wings of Hope Project

We are sharing joy and smiles, until our members learn to laugh again.

Please share our mission!

Getting ready for a “Day of Hope” Event in 2014.

Image Copyrighted to Crystal S. Kauffman

If you would like to volunteer contact us through email. We need Facebook Page by posting for couple days a week by several volunteers.