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Ride Your Own Dragon!

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Why Princess Crystal Says?

In 2007, Princess Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon began pursing her two passions, which is writing stories and dragons. After several years of connecting with other freelancer writers, she began writing quality web content and other articles for different websites. Furthermore, while enduring cervical cancer stage 2 B experimental yet aggressive treatment and recovery, she decide to go to college in order to continue chasing her dreams. Ms. Kauffman-Amon ultimately earned two degrees and she began learning how to build websites and blogs on different building platforms that allowed her to showcase her skills and talents.

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The “Princess Crystal Says” Brand was created in 2012

Ms. Kauffman-Amon began creating her brand, “Princess Crystal Says” in 2012 once she had graduated college and began building her freelance writing career. She is always looking to help new small business owner’s and expand her knowledge, as well as promote her different freelance services and skills. Recently, she redesigned and posted new content to enhance the new titles she has chosen to use on her blogs. Stop by and leave a comment, because bloggers love to hear what their readers think in the form of “comment love”.

Crystal as a Princess in 2012

Feel free to visit the Author Bio & Resume and Writing Samples pages which feature some work she has written over her 20 year writing career. As a writing mentor, Ms. Kauffman-Amon enjoys helping new authors and disabled adults, who just want to write and their share story. She uses free video conferencing apps: like Facetime, FB Messenger, and the Zoom App to work with the author in real time as the author reads each sentence aloud and edit each sentence until the story is completely edited.

Ms. Kauffman-Amon enjoys working one- on-one with her clients, as they build their new career as a freelance or published author. She can work with any budget and looks forward to working with any client that needs a strong writing mentor. She offers advertising, writing, and editing as well to small business owner who need a freelance writer to complete a project on a deadline. She also maintains a blog about addiction and recovery, which is named Chasing Recovery Daily.

Princess Crystal’s Projects

Currently, Princess Crystal S. Kauffman-Amon creates and individually designs all types of different written communications for business owners. Whenever they need help marketing and promoting their products or services online. She has partnered Lyn Lomasi of Brand Shamans for authors and writers of all experience levels to receive service that they may need as well at Princess of Communications. Together, these two talented and skilled business owners have created the reputable writing home which is affectionately known as the Royal Network .

The Royal Rhymes Castle blog. (Post Your Poetry With Our Network. See Submission Guidelines.)

The Laugh at Cancer Support Community blog. (Tell Your Story. See Submission Guidelines.)

Connect with Ms. Kauffman-Amon

Chat with Crystal S. KauffmanAmon by email or Facebook chat or email:

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She is always looking to help new small business owner’s and expand her knowledge, as well as promote her different freelance services.

Chasing Recovery Daily Blog

The blog Chasing Recovery Daily is written to inspire those who are ready to leave active addiction to begin chasing recovery on a daily basis. This blog has inspirational words for those trying to actively kick addiction out of their life, as well as honest advice in each blog post. Every post or devotional is based off of what Ms. Kauffman-Amon has learned during her struggle with active addition to very strong narcotics and opioids after cancer treatment. Honestly, you must chase recovery just as hard as you chased the drug of your choice and you will find the strength to break the chains of addictions with each new day.

Ms. Kauffman-Amon is also available on Facebook to speak with anyone, who needs to talk about their own dark struggle.

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lease Consider Hiring Crystal For Your Next Communications Or Freelance Writing Project! Her online portfolio is on this website. Thank you for stopping by!

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