What is an Emotional Support Animal?


An Emotional Support Animal or ESA animal is any type of animal that helps relieve anxiety or a psychiatric disability in individuals through companionship with the owner. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, these types of animals are not recognized as service animals. Instead they are called ESA animals, which actually requires the pet owner to get a certified letter from their psychiatrist.

Pet owners can buy and register their ESA animal on Amazon.com. The website has items that are made for animals that identify the pet clearly as an ESA animal. Also, the website actually sells leashes, vest, and collars as well as other items that can be placed on the ESA pet. The registered handler or pet owner can also purchase a stack of business cards or brochures, which explain what an ESA pet is and where they can accompany their owner.

Each Emotional Support Animal registration kit comes with a handler’s card which the clearly stars the pet owners name and the pet’s name. This personal handler’s card should be displayed when in public buildings, like grocery stores and other types of stores. This way the pet and the owner will not be turned away by a well meaning employees. The ESA pet should be clearly identified when in any public places, so therefore check out the items available for your pet today.


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Crystal S. Amon

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