Chasing Recovery Through Depression

Depression is Painful

Written by, Crystal S. Amon (Formally) Kauffman

During your life, you will face many depressingthings as you grow like losing a loved one or losing a job. This can leave you stuck in a down mood which may cause some harmful mental thoughts. It’s now that you will need to stop and decide whether you need mental help or will this pass?

However, never allow your recovery to be threatened by these moods. These different moods can lead to a relapse, so be mindful of them and get help. If you talk to a therapist, you may find them to be insightful but you must be brutally honest. 

Talk to family or your spiritual leader Iike a church leader. Write down your feelings in a journal and explain in detail how you feel. Especially, if you’re not good at talking about your feelings. Depressing things happen but you can rise above the feelings by recognizing your blessings. 

Chasing recovery involves getting mental and spiritual help as needed. Sometimes, it’s easier to give in to addiction than it is to reach out for help. Know thyself and know this feeling shall pass with the right guidance and time.

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