Goodbye Yesterday

Copyright 2021, Crystal S. Amon

I’m not scared of you anymore today,

Instead I’m proud of my yesterdays.

Made it through your mental pain,

The guilt still covers my name.

Staying loyal cost me my sound mind,

You were so damn hateful and unkind.

Words of anger filled your lying mouth, 

While left me and ran from the south.

One more time you left me alone,

Now, I’m just collecting my stones.

Building my future one step at a time.

Saying you didn’t kill me with this rhyme.

You walked away quickly as all would see,

Wasn’t good enough to be kind to me. 

You said we’d be together till the end of days, 

Never again will I ever beg you to stay. 

Holding my head high, I still struggle to fully understand,

All the shit you made me constantly withstand.

One day someone will make you finally see,

The truth of what you did every moment to me.

Copyright 2021, Crystal S Kauffman (Amon)