Job Failed, But I Didn’t!

My First Day in Uniform!!!

I began working for Burger King here in a local small town. I was assured that my disability would not affect my ability to work there. Yet, the second week things began shifting and I began noticing attitude coming from a manager over my disability as well as another disabled co-worker. I

I was changed daily to several standing jobs like dishes and prepping the food, which I did faster than most and without complaint. However, the person who I won’t name humiliated me, so I quit and now I will work from home until my leg gets better or I find true job who needs good worker like me.

I will be focusing on several of my books and landing writing gigs, as well as adding a community forum that is private to this blog that I will invite cancer patients and other fighting disability to join as we build a private place to discuss your story and share your tips on adjusting to life after the illness or injury.

Thank you for reading,

Crystal S. Kauffman

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