Merry Christmas to My Recovery Friends

I do not own the copyright to the image.

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

This is a magical time of year for children who believe in Santa, but this time of year can be depressing or even sad for many recovering addicts. So many parents go into major debt, just trying to buy their children that latest new toy or gadget. Instead of focusing on the gifts you have given out this year. So, be sure to spend some one on one time with those special family members that you love like: your parents, significant other, or children.

Remind yourself of each step that you have taken to better yourself this year, while taking inventory your life. List the many different things, which you have learned this year as you became a better version of yourself. Take a moment to notice the things that you still need to work on, as well as the things that you need to let go of in this new year.

Allow yourself to feel a sense of pride, as you remember how far you have come since you began your personal journey of recovery. No one can take away your accomplishments or your joy….but you! So, Hold your head up and keep on rocking sobriety as you gain back all the things that you have lost throughout your active addiction.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Leave the date you entered recovery or sobriety in comments….

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