Thank you, Son!


By, Crystal S. Kauffman

I usually don’t talk about myself on this blog, but something happened today. I decided to share a little of my story with all my readers.

Five simple words brought me to tears twice today. I was not expecting these five words to ever be uttered to me again, within my lifetime.

Especially, from the two people in my life that said these words to me today.

“I am proud of you, mom!”

I couldn’t believe it when I heard those words come out my youngest son’s mouth over Face-time video. I was stunned and tears began rapidly falling out my eyes.

After everything I put this child through during my addiction to opiates after being put on Fentynal Patch 200 mcg and Morphine 30 mg for break through after my aggressive cancer treatment. I never physically hurt my children, but due to my addiction I did hurt them mentally.

I got sober and my son calls me all the time to just talk. He helps me stay strong even though I don’t tell him that all the time.

He also, called his best friend Lizzy ( my adopted daughter) who also called me and said she was proud of me too for chasing my dreams.

I love you kiddo, thanks for being you!

Copyrighted 2019

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