Escaping the Prison of Your Mind

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Focus on a hobby, which you loved to do before your addiction brutally ensnared you and your life. This hobby can be writing, drawing, gaming, watching movies, helping animals. Honestly, you must focus on something positive and divert your mind off the withdrawal symptoms that you are experiencing. Dive right into becoming the person you want to be, instead of feeling like you have to just endure your withdrawal symptoms and the bad thoughts that race through your mind.

Keep your head held high and know that every day is a new day to work on becoming the person you want to be. Once you make the decision to enter recovery, you have decided you want to live. So, with that said, gather your tools that you will need to begin focusing on your hobby again. Put everything you have into it and keep thinking about positive things. Don’t trap yourself into a mind war that keeps you focused on the pain and symptoms you feel at this moment.

Soon, the symptoms will fade and you will be closer to living life on your own terms. Focusing on your symptoms will only cause you to relapse, so stay strong and focus on your hobbies that you stopped in your addiction. Chase that hobby like you ran after your drug of choice! Reach out for help or lean on your higher power in times of need, but adjust your focus to something positive while regaining your life.

Keep moving forward and soon you will absolutely be the person you dreamed of being. Escape the prison of you mind, while enjoying the hobby that you love. No one can stop the way you think, but you can by diverting your focus on things you love creating. Think about how much your life has changed since you entered recovery. Raise your head high and be proud of yourself for escaping addiction’s brutal snare

Stay strong and build your new life starting with changing your focus.

Copyright 2019

(I am not a licensed therapist, Based on personal experience.)

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