Tonight’s Little Birds Rescue

By, Imogen Rayne

As of tonight, I am blessed to help rescue and raise three beautiful baby wrens that are so tiny. My neighbor brought them to me in a box with the nest, because they knew I could find help for the babies. The mother
died this evening and the itty bitty baby birds were unable to eat or drink without mom’s assistance or a small eye dropper.

They needed a safe place to thrive and grow, because right now they are half naked with some feathers on it’s head, back, and wings. A huge thank you actually goes to Granny Jean Plyler, for teaching me how to hand feed and raise baby birds. She taught me all about parakeets, finches, lovebirds, and cockatiels.

I pretty much have all they need, even a nice cage made from window screens that opens at the front. The cage is large enough for them to stay in, until they are released again in to the wild. This will allow them to be safe from my dog and my cat, as well any other animals in our neighborhood.

First thing I did, was to set their mom’s homemade nest up, inside the cage that my neighbor loaned me. I placed a soft hand towel under their nest, since the babies were safe inside the nest. They were hungry and opening their beaks, which was so darn adorable to be honest.

After searching for what these babies could eat, I discovered that they can eat a wet mush of cat and/or dog food. They make a cute peeping sound when they are hungry, but the search revealed that these baby birds should be fed every two hours.

The mother has been identified as a Carolina Wren through the search feature on my phone. The Google search assistant was very helpful in I learned that they need to eat every two hours. On Facebook, I am allowing my friends and their kids to name the baby birds. I will post updates about the birds and pictures as they grow.

Once they can return to the wild, I will let them go in a local bird sanctuary. This will help them to thrive in an environment that is safe and full new things for them to explore. Keep checking back for updates on the babies, as well as new pictures. On a side note, the momma bird was buried last night and the babies are eating good so far this morning.

Have an awesome day! Thank you reading my blog.

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Update: the baby birds died the next day. I was heartbroken. Thank you for reading my posts. Have you ever raised a wild animal?