Don’t Be Afraid to Smile Again

By, Crystal S. Kauffman

Sometimes, your past mistakes will cause you to feel guilty and depressed, even though you have changed your life. However, you have a undeniable right to smile again, regardless what anyone else thinks or says. As long as you are trying to make amends and stay on the right path, even when it seems difficult.

The struggle between the old you and the new you, will absolutely be the biggest obstacle you will face throughout your journey. Hang on to each moment you have, because every day will have its own set of challenges to face and overcome as you grow. Run as fast as you can, away from the people and situations, which drag your heart through hell.

Reach out only for those hands that gently build you up as you continue to grow and build your dreams. Never allow someone to purposely tear you down, just because they want to be judge and jury over your life. No one has the right to make you feel like you are worthless, so guard your heart from people who seem to just continue hurting you.

Just smile through your tears, as you keep moving forward and building the best life you can possible build. Only you know what matters to you, so start doing little things that allow you to smile again. Each day, there will be countless number of reasons to give up but you are not a quitter. Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy, because you earned the right to smile again.

Copyrighted 2019

PS: I am not a licensed therapist. Based on personal experience.